Welcome to the Spirit of God Fellowship
Welcome to the Spirit of God Fellowship website. We offer Spiritual encouragement and thoughts for our daily lives. We are non-denominational. All faiths, beliefs are welcome. God is Universal and as such we share our connection to that Universal Spirit.
Henry David Thoreau spoke about our continuing need to "commune with the Spirit
of the Universe".
This website is dedicated to being a place where people can come together and
share their Spiritual strength with one another. We gain strength and peace in
this fellowship.
We believe in a loving Universal Spiritual Source, which we call God.
There is no church doctrine, (written body of  teachings). 
We do profess the  principal and belief that we are all One in the Spirit of
God. Our faith is based in a power greater than ourselves.  Our Universal Spiritual Source,
God is our daily companion with whom we communicate through prayer and/or meditation.

On this website are posted some "thoughts" for the day, that attempt to
edify us, encourage us, in our spiritual life. We hope they will bring you inspiration and strength
in your daily Life.
Our "doors" are always open. Please visit us often.
If you have need of Spiritual counseling, please reach out and contact me at :
 Rev Suzanne Starr McLeod, D.D.
 Spirit of God Fellowship

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